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Public releasable: documents for public release, freely downloadable

These days, I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to download sheet music, academic papers, e-books, recordings, and videos to my heart’s content. With the right keywords, I can find just about everything I want online. Much of the current state … Continue reading

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Sustainability reporting: acronyms and concepts

Whenever I enter a new field, I easily get stopped by acronyms. While I’m trying to figure out what the abbreviations stand for, another acronym gets fired at me. Even if I’ve deciphered the acronym, I’m dumbfounded by the jargon. I need to define and … Continue reading

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Electric vehicles in paradise: the newspaper column that was

Four years ago, I started writing my first newspaper column: EV in Paradise for Maui Weekly, the free local paper with a website. A year later, funding for the electric vehicle project ended. Nine months afterwards, the newspaper folded. The website … Continue reading

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Empty your mind with yoga

Empty your mind. That’s what meditation tells us to do. I have trouble emptying my mind. When I do yoga, that’s when I let my mind wander. It wanders off to distant places. It’s a playground of possibilities. I should … Continue reading

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Leasing a plug-in electric vehicle

This blog post may be the draft of a forthcoming article for the “EV in Paradise” column on Maui Weekly. I’ve been mulling over writing a piece on deciding whether to buy or lease an electric vehicle. Current financing options … Continue reading

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