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Easy peasy ukulele duet on open strings

After arranging music for easy piano solo and duets for several years, I am now developing material for teaching the ukulele to complete beginners. It’s an eye-opener to observe how quickly, after a short introduction to this four-stringed instrument, one … Continue reading

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Opus: Live is Life for ukulele

On my first trip to Europe, I heard a song in the Greek islands that roused me to get up and dance. Because I heard it everywhere, it became the single defining song of my first backpacking trip as an independent solo … Continue reading

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New music to calm your soul: Giovanni Allevi

The piano solo music of Giovanni Allevi is so addictive that I had to find the sheet music and play it. Once I got started, I couldn’t stop. It’s like an ear worm that digs into the core of you. 

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Like-minded souls and their passion to collect sheet music

“If Bart were still here, he would never let me go through his sheet music and take what I want,” I said to his widow after spending hours looking through the densely packed shelves downstairs and upstairs.

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Celebrating 300,000 visitors to Concertblog

My first WordPress blog “The Concertblog” passed the 300,000 visitor mark some time last week. Yay! When it hit 299,000, I started to monitor the stats more closely than before. These are number of visitors, not views. A visitor can … Continue reading

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How to write music people want to play

Times have changed. Perhaps it’s instant gratification of search engines and the availability of free online videos. To write sheet music that people want to play, it has to be readable, printable, and recognizable.

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Halloween Treat: In the Hall of the Mountain King

When I first visited Maui in October 1999, I got caught off-guard by an unexpected knock at the door. Kids in a variety of costumes eagerly chanted in treble unison, “Trick or treat!?!” In a panic, I called my sister … Continue reading

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