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Performing piano premieres: Nicola Meecham

Would you go to a concert taking place in a new venue you have never heard of, performed by a pianist you have never heard of, playing music that has not yet been performed much less recorded, written by composers you … Continue reading

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Marmie (Birmingham, May 1998 – London, April 11, 2017)

“My cat died last night,” I texted my friend who owns four dogs and two cats in Denver. “I didn’t know you had a cat,” she responded. “I don’t. I gave him away years ago.” I can’t remember when exactly I … Continue reading

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A rolling stone gathers no moss but eventually will meet others

I can count the number of friends who visited me during  my five-and-a-half years on Maui. The first to visit was a couple who flew from California and stayed for a long weekend in my first apartment while attending a … Continue reading

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Planning travel: Maui to Boston, Utrecht to London

Nearly six years after flying to Maui and getting a job there, I booked a one-way ticket to Boston and started planning my exit from paradise.

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Dad’s favorite songs

The third Sunday in June is declared for Father’s Day, first celebrated in 1910 in the USA but not proclaimed as such until years later. Coincidentally, June 21st is also Summer Solstice, the longest day in the year, and thus a very important milestone for those who … Continue reading

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Empty your mind with yoga

Empty your mind. That’s what meditation tells us to do. I have trouble emptying my mind. When I do yoga, that’s when I let my mind wander. It wanders off to distant places. It’s a playground of possibilities. I should … Continue reading

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Letting go and moving on

One of my friends recently made the final move to uproot. He writes, “Now that the deed is done I feel a bit weird. I know I made the right decision but I can’t help feeling a sense of loss … Continue reading

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World map duvet

This morning I “inserted” my Chinese silk duvet into the 100% cotton world map duvet cover that my brother gave me years ago. I had nearly forgotten what seeing and sleeping under a world map did for me. For many … Continue reading

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