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Becoming a minimalist: ridding stuff to regain space and time

For a long time, I have wanted to simplify my life, let go of things, live with less, and free up space and time for what I really enjoy and desire instead of feeling like a slave to my possessions. I even … Continue reading

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Electric vehicles in paradise: the newspaper column that was

Four years ago, I started writing my first newspaper column: EV in Paradise for Maui Weekly, the free local paper with a website. A year later, funding for the electric vehicle project ended. Nine months afterwards, the newspaper folded. The website … Continue reading

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9/11 piano concert on Maui

In my quest to give concerts for every occasion and purpose, I have long wanted to pay a musical tribute to September 11, 2001. It was a day that changed my life, for I was in Manhattan for a morning … Continue reading

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Maui Wordcamp: a WordPress conference in paradise

The subtitle is hard to resist. Paradise. Conference. WordPress. For $35, you get a T-shirt, lunch and refreshments for two consecutive days. I registered when it was half-full and eagerly looked forward to it. Part of me feared that it would … Continue reading

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Figs glorious figs

It’s fig season on Maui. I know, for my fig tree has been oozing half-a-dozen to a dozen maroon parcels every day. I can see them ripen before my very eyes!

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Community college: a college of and for the community

When my colleague in Humanities sent an e-mail with nothing but a link to the Civil Beat article to a mailing list subscribed by some 641 employees and students at UH Maui College this past Monday April 21st, my immediate … Continue reading

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Travel to step outside one’s comfort zone

After a simple vegetarian lunch near my father’s condo in Taichung, Taiwan, I walked to the corner optometry shop to pick up the glasses I had ordered when I arrived two days ago. The optometrist advised me to replace the … Continue reading

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Piano ensemble approach

I am developing an approach to teaching adult group piano by conducting the group as an ensemble. It occurred to me that most pianists never get a chance to play with other musicians. At most they may play duet or … Continue reading

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Writer’s block

6,000 words. Six thousand words. That’s what I have to produce this weekend. I keep putting it off. First I had to do filing. Pay my bills. Clear my desk. Next, I decided to install Sibelius, a process that took … Continue reading

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Invitation to Piano Recital

Kahului, HI, December 16, 2013 for immediate release. Twenty students from Anne Ku’s piano classes will be giving a recital on Wednesday December 18th from 6 pm at UH Maui College. Doors open at 5:45 pm with refreshments and other … Continue reading

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