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Ukulele Workshops & Jam Sessions in Historic Lower Mills

To introduce the joy of ukulele to this area of Dorchester, Milton, and Quincy around Boston, Massachusetts, I’m giving workshops followed by thematic jam sessions. A workshop is a group learning experience, where I teach specific skills needed to play … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day at Heartbreak Hotel ukulele jam

The approach of Valentine’s Day isn’t always welcoming for the heart broken. While lovers dine in restaurants or stroll hand in hand, the jilted and the scorned sit alone, at home, hiding from the rest of the world, mourning love’s … Continue reading

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Dido’s Lament for ukulele

Dido’s Lament is one of the saddest but most beautiful arias, sung by a woman grieving over a broken heart before she dies. Such is the famous lament of Dido, Queen of Carthage, when her beloved Aeneas leaves her for … Continue reading

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Auld Lang Syne for ukulele

This afternoon I heard an interview on National Public Radio (NPR) with the Scottish folk singer Jim Malcolm, whose first instrument was the ukulele. He sang songs with words by Robert Burns in anticipation of Burns’ Night. As my ukulele club in … Continue reading

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Applying standards and modus operandi of musicians to others

We are so governed by our standards and modus operandi in our chosen professions that we subconsciously apply them to others when we probably shouldn’t. As a musician, I expect builders to be on time and finish what they started. … Continue reading

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How to live in a house without central heating, hot water, kitchen, and washing machine

I returned to my home in London, expecting to enjoy the finished projects. Instead, I am struggling to stay warm and comfortable in an unheated house without hot water, cooker, and washing machine. Top on my list is to move … Continue reading

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Where to for Christmas

This time last year, I was a guest at Christmas. I was driven to a warm house whose owner cooked for several days for a family gathering. Blind trust has changed my well-laid plans from being a host to a … Continue reading

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The new normal: traffic disruptions and other “attacks”

What are the chances of being prevented from going somewhere because of an active shooter or bomb alert? We read about it in the papers, watch the aftermath on Facebook live video, or just miss it by an hour or … Continue reading

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Annie’s Song in C for ukulele

When I was growing up on the island of Okinawa, I listened to John Denver whose songs of love, nature, and beauty described my childhood. I took a personal interest in “Annie’s Song” identifying myself with the name.

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Letting go and hanging on: the dilemma of wanting the wanted

Early in January, my pianist friend asked if I had the space to receive her restored Steinway Model B. It would be a win-win situation as she knew I was looking for a grand piano. Otherwise she would have to … Continue reading

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