Auld Lang Syne for ukulele

This afternoon I heard an interview on National Public Radio (NPR) with the Scottish folk singer Jim Malcolm, whose first instrument was the ukulele. He sang songs with words by Robert Burns in anticipation of Burns’ Night. As my ukulele club in London will be celebrating this annual tradition without me, I decided to look into ukulele arrangements for the “Auld Lang Syne,” hence “Auld Lang Syne for ukulele.”

There are many versions of Auld Lang Syne. The original one is beautiful but rarely heard these days.

The easiest accompaniment uses the four most often used chords in any key: I, IV, V, and VI. In the key of C, they are C, F, G, and Am. In the key of F, they are F, Bb, C, and Dm. In the key of G, they are G, C, D, Em.

You can find song sheets with lyrics and chords all over the Internet, in the key of C major and key of F major.

It is of course possible to substitute more interesting, and I should say, exotic chords such as seventh and diminished seventh chords. I took the easy version in C major and modulated to F major with a sequence of C, Cmaj7, and C7.

Click on the image below to get the two-page pdf of the score. A low G tuning on the fourth string gives it a bigger range but it’s not necessary.

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