Sustainability reporting: acronyms and concepts

Whenever I enter a new field, I easily get stopped by acronyms. While I’m trying to figure out what the abbreviations stand for, another acronym gets fired at me. Even if I’ve deciphered the acronym, I’m dumbfounded by the jargon. I need to define and understand new terminology in the context of the subject domain. Until these two barriers (acronyms and vocabulary) are overcome, I can’t begin to hold an intelligible conversation in that discipline.

Luckily, I have encountered this problem many times over. One way to ensure understanding and mastery of acronyms and vocabulary is through puzzles. If you’re in the sustainability reporting field, I invite you to try this crossword puzzle that I created. Some letters are given to help you along the way.

If you’ve entered the correct letters, the colors of the text boxes will turn pink. If not, they will stay yellow. Click on the crossword puzzle image below to get to the puzzle itself. The questions are shown below the puzzle. Once you’ve correctly filled out all text boxes so they are all pink in color, you’ll see a little green check mark appear on the top right.

If you’re really stuck after you’ve filled out the entire puzzle, contact me to get the solution sheet. If you don’t hear from me after 24-hours, that means I’ve not received your request. Try another way.

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