New music to calm your soul: Giovanni Allevi

The piano solo music of Giovanni Allevi is so addictive that I had to find the sheet music and play it. Once I got started, I couldn’t stop. It’s like an ear worm that digs into the core of you. 

I first tried recording it on my iPhone, just the audio. My friend Tim’s Yamaha C grand piano was powerful but the audio recording didn’t do it justice. Then I asked my friend Peter to do an iPhone video recording of me sight reading the music from my iPad at Renaissance Hotel Heathrow. The background noise was intrusive, and my tempo was not calm enough.

Wanting to share Allevi’s music with others I wrote a 500-word essay about him to ignite curiosity and anticipate his forthcoming concert in London.

Finally in the stillness of the studio flat in Boston, I got it recorded on my Baldwin concert grand. I thank Guido for introducing Allevi to me.

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