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I built my first website after my boss answered my request to attend a natural gas conference in London with “Do you think anyone wants to talk to you if you didn’t work for us?”  I felt the urge to express myself through my writing and music. I also had a wanderlust and desire for flexibility, which I got in my next job.

In short, this site is the culmination of a long journey, from London to the Netherlands and finally, Maui. Along the way, I discovered it was easier to use WordPress than Front Page, Dreamweaver, and hand coding in HTML.

Anne Ku, Maui, August 2013

Anne Ku, Maui 2013

If you’re curious, please check out the ABOUT ME page.

A photo and short biography appear on the Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit (Honolulu, September 2013) speaker list.

The biography on the University of Hawaii’s first sustainability summit (April 2013) has a short blurb focussing on my background and interest in energy.

A short biography appears in the agenda of the Department of Energy Clean Cities EV Readiness Planning Meeting in May 2013:

Anne Ku directs the Maui Electric Vehicle Alliance, the Department of Energy Clean Cities funded EV-readiness project, which has seen the stakeholders multiply ten-fold and its reach extended to the neighboring islands of Kaua’i and the Big Island. The project’s main focus is on developing adequate infrastructure for mass adoption of electric vehicles to reduce reliance on fossil fuel imports and increase EV charging from renewable energy sources. The plan to deliver an electric vehicle paradise to the millions of visitors depends on local residents and businesses to pave the way. After earning her PhD in Decision Science from London Business School, Anne worked in the energy sectors in the USA and Europe. Her multi-contributor book “Risk and Flexibility in Electricity: an introduction to the fundamentals and techniques” is available from Riskbooks.

An even shorter biography appears in the guidebook of the Second Annual University of Hawaii Sustainability Summit (2014).

Anne Ku, Maui 2013

The first paragraph of my latest CV says this:

Born in Brunei, I grew up on Taiwan and Okinawa before winning a full scholarship to Duke University. Since then I have lived in eight countries and developed a collaborative mindset through working with different industry experts as energy magazine editor and with classical musicians as composer, pianist, and concert producer. My formative training in mathematics and engineering has helped me grasp the details of emerging technology and communicate in layman’s terms, always stepping outside my comfort zone to embrace fresh new challenges.

The biography on the University of Maui College Music Department page says something entirely different:

Born in Brunei of Hakka mother and Shanghainese father, Anne Ku lived in Taiwan and Okinawa before winning a full scholarship to Duke University. Her senior piano recital of works of Ravel, Debussy, and Poulenc was inspired by her first encounter of French impressionist music at Oxford University the previous summer. After earning her doctorate from London Business School and working in the energy sectors in US and Europe, she turned her attention to music, obtaining a degree in composition and wrote her piano teaching diploma on sightreading at Utrecht Conservatory in the Netherlands. She has performed widely as a chamber musician and accompanist, launched new concert series, produced concerts, and conducted business skills workshops for musicians. She writes previews, reviews, and blogs about cultural economics at http://concertblog.wordpress.com.

The above is a condensation of a longer biography on my piano guitar duo website.

In a network society, you find out about someone through networks, but sometimes you’d rather read a biography, a curriculum vitae, or a press release. Here are different biographical blurbs about me. But first, some bullet points:

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